Saturday, February 28, 2015

We find ourselves in the last couple of weeks of quarter 3 ... crunch time.  Time to evaluate and see how kids are doing.  Time to access where they are lacking and where they're excelling.  Time to look to next year and ask myself the evaluation questions regarding this year.
  • What worked?
  • What didn't?
  • What needs to change?
  • How will I change it?
  • What will stay the same?
  • Do we need to change curriculum?  
  • What's my budget?
With the little kids, I don't ask input.  I choose everything, including when we'll do what subjects, but the older they get the more their input is not only appreciated, but necessary.   My eldest is finishing up 8th grade this year.  Game changer.  Time for her to learn how to be way more independent, run her own schedule, be on top of her course work, and do all of that while taking care of her out of school responsibilities like chores, extra curricular responsibilities and any outside job she may hold.  Yeah, it sounds like a lot becasue it IS a lot.  One of the things I've noticed is that we (as a society) treat our kids like mindless lemmings, and then throw them into college completely unprepared. Too many college kids don't know how to cook a simple meal, do laundry or properly clean a bathroom, let alone manage school a part time job and keep a dorm or apartment clean ... and eat somewhat healthy.  There's no reason they can't manage it, they've just never been taught!  I have no idea if my children plan on going away to college, or are goign to stay home, but one thing is for sure, they're going to know how to manage, and if they don't it's not because I didn't teach them. 

SO, high school is in just a few months and in addition to her academic subjects I'll some life classes, which I guess would be what we considered "home economics".  A baby class won't be necessary at least for my eldest becasue she's had her fill of babies, since we have a 1 and a 2 year old here.  I'll be teaching cooking to start.  Meal planning and preparation.  Classic dishes, and she'll be compiling a cookbook over the next 4 years to bring with her.  I'll also be teaching her some basic sewing, which we'll be learning together becasue sadly, I don't sew.  I know we'll be throwing in some auto classes and firearms which will taught by her father, and I think gardening and canning classes will be important.  Of course, this will be over the next 4 years, not all next year. 

Now for the babies, Nadia will be  about 21 months and Gracie will be close to 3 yrs in September, so we're looking at preschool.  I'll be doing a letter a week, based on a 4 day week, 2 hours a day.  They will learn together, and at these ages we'll be mostly learning through arts, crafts, music and play.  Actual lesson plans will be forthcoming, I promise. 

I'll post this weekend, Gracie's lesson plans for next week (3 day week, 2 hours per day) along with our daily schedule, so be sure to check back Monday for details.  Starting next week, I'll post the following weeks lesson plans on Fridays. 

Questions, comments, concerns?  Hit me.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Girls Christmas Christmas 2014
Once upon a time, a long time ago there was a young woman who longed to have a baby, and have a baby she did.  She was so happy.  She took such pride in joy in her role as Mama, and did everything she thought was best, and that included homeschool. My husband and I were so thrilled.
Megan and me, Christmas 2005
Homeschool started officially when Megan was just about two, for an hour or so a day and by the time she was ready to start Kindergarten, homeschooling seemed as natural as parenting.  And so the homeschooling continued.  I loved being a homeschool mom.
Megan and Sadao, in the new house awaiting the new rug, November 2010
It continued year after year, through good times and bad, and eventually this little family moved to Virginia where they were so happy.  They gained a dog and about 5 acres of land and a small little house. Our house in Virginia was much smaller than the house in Baltimore, but since it was just the 3 of us, we didn't really mind, plus we decided that eventually we'd either rebuild or add on.  

Megan and Alannah Grace, October 2012
And then the most amazing thing happened.  After 14 miscarriages in a row, we were given a beautiful baby girl.  We were really excited.  It was such a miracle, and we could not possibly have been happier.  Our lilttle family had grown and we had 2 precious little girls. 

Awaiting the arrival of Nadia, January 2014

Shocked, was not even the word for it.  Never in a million years did we imagine TWO babies in our 40's WITH a teenager, but that's how God works.  In HIS time, which is always impeccable.

Halloween 2014
  And that's how we became a family of 5, in a really little house.  The babies share a room, and meg has her own room, meanwhile we have one living area/family room and our dining room table is in the breakfast nook and it's always really squooshed ... but really, I couldn't be happier (unless we were in a really big house.   No really, I'd LOVE a bigger house.  But hey -- I am in want for nothing, so I'm not about to complain.